First guest at CifiMad 2018: Gerald Home, Tessek and Mon Calamari officer in Return of the Jedi

Gerald is the actor / mime who played SquidHead Tessek and the Mon Calamari officer in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. He is also a puppeteer; among his work as such is manipulating Audrey II in the film Little Shop of Horrors. He has also been part of the satiric series Spitting Image, and has played Moriarty in a stage play about Sherlock Holmes.

Gerald is enormously involved in the Star Wars fandom. He is a honorary member of many fan groups, and Ambassador for the Star Wars Outer Rim Alliance (SWORA), an alliance of fan groups all over the world. He has his own fan club in Spain: The CalamariMen. Through the RebelScum forum he has provided a tremendous amount of information about the making of the movies.

Gerald is looking forward to be part of our event and share all of his Star Wars information with us – he even speaks a bit of Spanish! You can meet him, chat with him, have your picture taken with him and get his autograph at our event next February.