Guest CifiMad 2020: David Blue, Eli Wallace in Stargate Universe

David played Eli Wallace in Stargate Universe: one of the main, most beloved characters in the until now latest, and sadly unfinished, “big” format series (excluding Origins) in the Stargate saga.

David’s career spans almost 20 years in which he has appeared in around 40 movie and TV productions. Besides SGU, we want to mention regular characters in the US version of Ugly Betty and the vampire show Moonlight; episode guest appearances in Veronica Mars or Scrubs;  and the voice of the characters Ta’yak and Pa’valak in the videogame saga World of Warcraft.

David has never been to Spain, and judging by our conversations with him, he is very much looking forward to meet us and have a great time. So he will fit right in with our vibe!